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Help and a bit of advice needed!


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Hi All, I'm not sure if this is the best section to post this so if it isn't please let me know and I'll repost in a more relevant section.


I am trying to get broadcasting. I am working off a MacBook Pro. I have downloaded NiceCast. What is the best and cheapest way now to get broadcasting. I have been asked to do some slots on a UK based Internet Radio Station. Do I need to download and subscribe to ShoutCast or IceCast or can I just log on to the stations server remotely. I am a bit useless with the software setup etc and could really do with some advice on how to get broadcasting.


Many thanks

Joe from Melbourne

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You're going to want to purchase a Shoutcast or Icecast stream. I dont know what you mean by logging into the stations server remotely? You'll need a shoutcast/icecast host and a way for people to get to the stream (a link via email or a website).

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From what I read out of that, you are only trying to stream to an internet radio station that already exists with its own shoutcast server. If so, you do not need to subscribe to any plans nor download any server software. All you would need is the server information from the station you are connecting to. This is actually something you should be asking them about in that case as you would need the server url or ip, port to connect to, and password.


If you are trying to run your own internet radio station...that would be a different story. Then you would either need a streaming host, or a host that will allow you to run an audio streaming server (shoutcast/icecast) on a vhost or dedicated server. That all depends on how much money you are interested in spending.

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