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Oli 24 Hour Radio StationAnother question on a International Radio from Singapore-Oli

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One of the Singapore Semi Govt Media Cooperation run 24 hour radio station by the name called "Oli"


Oli 96.8FM on xinmsn entertainment


This also has a live stream on the internet.

As of July the stream is changed to AAC. Following this change the streaming on a Free Standing WiFi Radio receiver in home WiFi network has ceased. The WiFi radio receiver I have is called OXX Digital Vantage


My WiFi Radio Receiver manual has the following in "SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMATS"

Internet radio streams: MP3, WMA, Real Audio

Audio Streaming: MP3 9CBR/VBR, up to 320kbps)



Playlists supported:M3U, PLS.


I am unable to stream this 24 hour radio station over WiFi in my WiFi Radio receiver.

Can any one know of a way to get my radio receiver stream this station?


You will find all the links below will play on Window computer as well as Apple Mac Book but not on my WiFi radio Receiver!!:sad::sad::sad::sad:


Oli Station URL:








I wonder if there is any technique to turn an AAC into either MP3 or WMA and if that would work .


Your expert advice would be appreciated.



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Hi Snow,


To my knowledge Oli FM is still available at Reciva Internet Radio

I have added that station for you a while ago ...

and it looks that their system has followed the changes and adjusted the mp3 to an aac stream

Their details shows that the station has passed the daily test (done by Reciva)


Please check the Oli FM page at Reciva : https://radios.reciva.com/station/4454

The streamlink used by Reciva is still the same = http://mediacorp.rastream.com/968fm


As quoted the station ID is "4454" ... If You insert that, You have to be able to play it with a Reciva based WIFI radio

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