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Help and career advice needed!


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Hello all,



I am an engineer from Mumbai. I was trying to pursue my career in the field of networking. When I was a fresher, I had couple of offers. One of them was from a Webcasting/Live Streaming company. In India, Live Streaming was comparatively obscure field back (and still is) then specially for a fresher like me. I as open to learning new technologies as long as it was related to networking and I accepted that offer. I've been working for the same firm since last couple of years. After executing more than 200 Live Streaming events, it's getting monotonous now and it feels my career is not going anywhere. I am not getting to learn about technology in detail because maybe there aren't enough resources available in India or maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Somehow I am

not able to figure it out. In India, due to lack of sufficient bandwidth, streaming companies are in demand but when in future when that issue is resolved, I'm not sure how many companies will hold up.



I know broadcasting/video technology is already a huge deal and it is next big thing. But I am not sure about how to jump to the next stage. As I said before, here in India, there aren't sufficient resources available as far as broadcasting/internet video is concerned compared to computer networking or servers. I am trying to find out about courses to facilitate but I'm not able to find sufficient information.



I was hoping if at least some of you can assist me with your two cents. Be it information about any course in foreign university or pointing out my miscalculation. At my stage, will pursuing career in broadcasting be a good choice? If yes, is just experience good enough or should I go for any post graduation?



Any suggestion/criticism is welcome. Waiting for your responses. Thanks!

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The big players for technology right now are Shoutcast, Icecast, Adobe Flash and WebRTC.


WebRTC is the new technology on the block, but it is already making lots of waves. WebRTC is also working on decreasing the amount of bandwidth needed for streaming high quality video via the Internet.


You hear rumblings from Real Media from time to time, but they had their day in the lime light years ago.

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