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Please review my advert copy


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I am working on advertising copy for printed media ( IE news papers, news letters.)


This is what I have come up with, any feed back is greatly appreciated.


. . . . . . . . . . .


Broadcasting from the beautiful shores of the South Eastern United States on the scenic Gulf of Mexico.


Scenic Radio is your destination for pleasant entertainment and relaxation.

Our unique variety of programs is guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment and delight your senses.

We want to rescue you from the daily assault of mindless radio and television shows.

Let the stress of the day melt away with our delightful collection of audio and video content.


You can watch and listen to Scenic Radio shows on your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet computer.

There is never a sign up or subscription fee required for Scenic Radio.

You can enjoy all our audio and video programs for free.


Our carefully selected programs include:


- Old time radio shows. - Scenic train rides.


- Classic audio books. - Tranquil music video broadcast.


- Nature audio. - Ambient nature and man made audio broadcasts.


- Meditation nature video.


Point your web browser to the Scenic Radio website and set sail for soothing entertainment.


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Hi Saint,


Honestly the content gives Me a strange feeling


It has to be an advert for an audio / media / radio project ...

however it looks to Me as an advert for a holiday resort


I have visited the website and it looks that they share, by using Youtube, content of old(er) recordings

Before people are able to listen, they have to make several clicks before they finaly arrive at a chosen item / content


I don't know if this gives you any help ... but so far my 2 cents of input

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