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Seeking host for my established podcast, Pays Nothing! (Explicit)

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I host a weekly podcast that i'm looking to expand to other nights with different hosts. We currently record Monday Nights at 10pm eastern for one hour. Would like to add a second night at 10pm, day is debatable depending on talents availability. We broadcast live on Spreaker, which we just moved to, and then release our episodes on demand.


Your duties, show up with a cocktail and react to the news stories I read. I think the best way to get you on the same page is just to invite you to listen to a few episodes. http://jadedcity.com/category/show/ :lol: Just scroll down and find an epsiode title that makes you giggle and hit play.


P.S. When I say it pays nothing, that's because I make nothing off it. If that ever changes I'm more then willing to share the success, but honestly, making money of podcasts is like hard, lol.

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