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Help! Newbie using MegaSeg

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I am still new to the software and I am finding some inconsistent problems:


1. Auto mic ducking - I am having issues that sometimes the sound does not lower when mic button is pushed....sometimes it works fine, every time....sometimes it wont work at all. I haven't altered any of the settings between when it works and when it doesn't. Originally I thought it was when I changed streams or only the first time I started it up before doing a sound test - so I would make sure all was ok except that the bed wasnt dropping then I would restart MegaSeg and it seemed to work fine after a restart of the software. Today however I did all that and I had a test spot on the web radio station where I will be DJing in 1 week...and of course it DIDN'T drop!! so I was talking over 100% volume and felt like a newb when my fellow djs are all saying lower the music and I am saying "well its set to do it" and its not working now. Any tricks?? What could be causing the problem?? It finally in the middle of my 15min test set dropped the bed for me but only after opening up the settings window and fiddling with the ducking settings. I shouldnt have to do that...I should be able to have my settings done to start with and not have to worry!


2. New problem that started today is that my monitoring on headset would drop off....so example before I started the stream I did a test - had turned on the monitoring so I could hear what was playing so I could cue my voice overs...started playlist - monitor was off....clicked the headphone on the mixer on the left....I could hear playlist...after 4 songs it turned off again. Now I have been doing hour long tests all week didnt have this problem. Any ideas???


3. anyone have any helpful links where they have some megaseg tutorials that are about more than adding things to the playlist....which is about all I found so far on youtube.


any help appreciated.


running MegaSeg 5 Pro

on an iMac 10.8.5 - 35gb ram - SSD main drive for software and regular drive for music

using NiceCast to go out to a listen2mystream server (both my test server and the actual station use same service)

Apogee Mic

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