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Site running really slow!


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Has anyone else had problems with this site and forum running really slow?


It is getting to the point now where sometimes the site won't even load and the browser times out?


This is the only site that I am having problems with so I am assuming that it is a server issue!

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I agree ...


About 2 weeks ago everything was back to normal, and since the begnning of this week the access to BW goes very very slowly

I have Chrome, and in general a website is opening in lesser than a second


However the other website runned by James (http://www.streamingradioworld.com/ ) works perfect


I also wonder what the source of the problem could be

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Slow in the United States - Michigan and New Jersey

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Hi James,


It looks that the site opens faster than before ...

but the content keeps loading

see screenshot :


See the "red square" ... it shows a pub who is standing a bit out of the main frame / content section


Untill now after finishing this text, the website shows a keep on loading icon

- see 2 red squares left side picture


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Here are the test results: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/141107_TD_1566/


The "first byte" is 1 second - it means that before page starts loading, it waits around for 1 second. Then another 3 seconds to finally display the page.


My own experience is even slower, takes about 5-6 seconds to load each page.

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