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We have already introduced West Star Radio on another thread but this time

We are looking to build up a team from web designers to Presenters from all over the world

Creating a community through sound and entertainment.

We are looking for volunteers to donate there time and effort with a chance to promote themselves on a global stage.

West Star Radio is still very new but also is starting to trend.


Web designers will be creating profiles and portfollios for djs/presenters etc while also helping maintain West Star Radio

Voiceover teams also welcome,

Dj's/ Presenters to present shows for West Star Radio Live and Chatandspinradio .

We are also looking for American based radio stations simular to chatandspinradio.

If anyone is interested in joining the network please either email me stuart@cullywebsolutions.co.uk or join our facebook page West Star Radio

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Hi there Saint

Thank you for your reply

West Star Radio is a multi channel website inviting people from all genres from rock to dance to clasical to 60s to join our network

we dont tell what the radio station should play thats the choice of the owner/presenter.

we list and promote internet radio stations from all areas and also we like to give our listeners a choice for when they choose to visit

At the moment there are 3 channels listed we aim to have more obviously


Chatandspinradio is a live multi presenter station which plays a variety of genures, Clubsparatanfm is more dance and 80s, West star radio live is just a place to practice so couldbe anything from dance to house 80s etc.


West Star Radio.

As for word press I never use it and dont trust it so no worries there.

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May we also add that we also create presenter profiles and portfollios for dj and show promotion.

So if you guys need a profile to help promote yourselves why not give us a try if you would like to see and example

here is the url http://www.weststarradio.co.uk/RatedGRadio/index.php all for free in exchange for West Star Radio exposure ie a jingle or link to the website.

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