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smart / automated solution helping with some banning task

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We have a Linux/CentOS 64 bit server with Centova Castinstalled and several web radio stations all belonging to us. We use SHOUTcastDNAS 2.2.1 and recently rolled back from the version 2.4 build 30thOctober, as in our case this new DNAS version caused a lot of server-stop/server-restart (developers are working on it), the simple banbutton wasn’t effective anymore, etc.

Recently we have been searching without success for asmart/automated solution helping with some banning task.

To be a little bit more specific, we would like to be ableto ban connections when listeners use stream rippers, when hackers make100 connections or more from the same IP, and if possible ban listenersstaying connected continuously for (let us say) 24 hours.

We found an old application (R.I.P.) that seems not to beworking anymore.

I would like the forum members to give us some suggestions;perhaps there are other solutions/software out there doing this job?

Thank you.

Best regards

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