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Icecast2/Mpd set stream url for dir.xiph.org


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Hmm having no luck tying to get the stream title on dir.xiph.org to link to an url.


This is what I currently have in the mpd config


audio_output {
       type            "shout"
       encoding        "ogg"
       name            "test"
       host            "localhost"
       port            "8000"
       mount           "/listen.ogg"
       password        "test"
#       quality         "5.0"
       bitrate         "96"
       format          "44100:16:2"
       protocol        "icecast2"
       user            "source"
       description     "test"
       genre           "test"
       public          "yes"
#       timeout         "2"


No it seems there a option for icecast.xml but using it in the xmlfile does nothing and I think it has to be in the section icecast.xml

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Got it sorted


   Future Assassin - Old Skool Jungle
   Old Skool Jungle 24/7
   jungle dnb electronic


Left the info in the mpd.cfg file and added the above to icecast.xml and reloaded icecast config.

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