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Switched to RadioDj


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Having previously used SAM, OtsAV and station playlist, I thought I would give RadioDJ a try. Setup was a breeze, although I did have a hiccup or two when importing my music. A quick search of the forum provided the answer. The station can be found at http://www.rewind45.com and is also listed on iTunes and TuneIn radio. Any comments on the audio quality and cross fade settings would be appreciated.


My my first impression of this software is good.

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- The audio sounds great to Me ... so thumbs up

- The crossfade looks ok at first side, but I suppose it is set to 3 sec

I would set the fixed crossfade point at 1,5 sec (fade out = 1,5 - fade in = 0 - trigger = -25 db )

- You are streaming at 64 with VBR (variable bitrates)

I know that it gives the idea that this is the best solution

However CBR (constant bitrates) are still better ... Well, thats my experience

- Your IDs are also very cool to hear ... clear and not messed up

(I just heared an ID with a male voice announcer)


Besides the streaming software ...

Are You using any particular plugins to increase / adjust the soundprocessing ?

I suppose so, for reason that all audio has a similar output volume level


edit :rolleyes: : I just hear Jimmy James & The Vagabonds ... One of my favorites from the 70s :thumbup:

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Sorry to sound critical but it appears you have given up on allowing your listeners to interact with your station? No requests, no listing of your playlist? Nothing to show what is currently playing, what would compel me to tune in if I was searching? Maybe that is coming?


Rob Oyler

5280 Jazz

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