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NextKast Update


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Hello Everyone,


Just wanted to let you know about some updates to NextKast in the last month or so:

auto update from within NextKast

time restrictions on tracks

ability to send alternate track data ( usefull for sending ADVERT: etc..)

ability set desired amount of hours for playlist generation

secondary broadcast sound cart output select

import .3mu files

double click in rotation editor to add category to rotation

Remote Voice Tracking and Station Management

Jump to Option

TuneIN Air API

bug fixes and much



Winston Potgieter

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NextKast Version 3.9.104 released


We have added the ability to merge Traffic/Advertising Logs with Playlist Generation. This is used for stations who have separate advertising management software like Natural Log.


We recently split NextKast into two versions, Standard and Pro. We also have a Lease Version available through service providers, if you are a service provider contact me for details.


Lots of other improvements, download at http://www.nextkast.com


We would like to thank everyone who has come on board in the last few months, and we are looking forward to hearing feedback, suggestions, and ideas.



Winston Potgieter


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new update posted tonight to include:


:includes waveform view of track mark, ability to use winamp dsp, and easy backup and restore utility.


Any Questions please contact me: wp@nextkast.com


and as always you can hear out test station here: http://tunein.com/radio/PulseEDM-Radio-s135237/



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Just wanted to update everyone,here are some of the improvements in www.nextKast.com implemented in recent months:



Waveform render when marking tracks,

ability to use Winamp Plugin DSP,

Backup Utility,

Auto Repeat non-Auto generated playlists,

Fixed delay when reading certian mp3 tags with misplaced picture data,

faster list loading,

wave render refined,

duplicates are moved to duplicates folder instead of deleted,

minor fixes,

updated manual,

New wave render on players and VT,

fixed songpick trackype bug,

added click song preview in statistics window,

Encoder more network error tolerant,

exapand category window on drag to player only if more than 10 categories,

attack on compressor alllowed to .01,

fixed one category track time cacultations,

fixed display on 125% magnified screen,

no spaces in category names


and more



Winston P

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