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Genre addition.

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Hey all,


We run an 80's radio station but were recently thinking of adding 90's and 00's music to our playlist. Would this be wise or should we leave things as they are? Is it better to specifically focus on one genre?




Radio Galway.

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The biggest question is what does your audience want and how many other stations are doing the same and are they successful. I've always felt is best to focus one genre and do it well.


I personally think that 80's online radio is at saturation point. But then I think of the quote about doing one thing well and not many things badly.

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Other than figuring out what your audience wants to hear which is your key concern. I would actually look at going backwards to the 70's and 60's rather than forward into the genre that every other station is playing to death. i my opinion.


Strangely enough, I was giving some thought to a 60's genre. The 80's especially over-subscribed.


Another thought might be a 00's station?


Thank you for all replys, so far.

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