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Simple EVS For low budget replay system using Cable box???


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Just thinking out loud.... Would anyone be able to give any advice on this,



Im looking to set up a very basic replay system, one input. There are a handful of chase play systems for mega dollars, but there must be a simple solution,



I have been thinking about the possibility of using a Coax Sat/Cable box with live pause and rewind etc.. Very common and cheap, comes with HDD and all that, If i could somehow get a cdmi/sdi signal to feed into the unit as a vhf/uhf signal it should work???



IS there a cost effective way to convert HDMI/SDI to Coax UHF/VHF in HD?? Not looking for anything wireless just coax converter, Surely the cable box would be able to pick up the signal??


With this, I would feed the HDMI output of the Cable box into the mixer, Throw a upstream keyer logo "REPLAY" or similar over the onscreen pause rewind graphics if there are any and this should all work.... Or am i missing something??



Any advice would be much appreciated :)

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Theirs software for this, and not expensive, 100% on that.


The better news? I know who you could contact for this.


What you should do is reach out to the EGL (Electronic Games League)


Theirs a lot of programmers there, and a lot of guys making all digital broadcast programs for on screen gameplay reruns.


I would reach out to them, they might develop you something custom to these needs dirt cheap (just because of the value of redistribution) but its functions would be all software based (no controller? Kinda a drag)


Food for thought.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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