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How do you license music when played directly from Vinyl, CD Or Cassette Tapes?

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The title says it all. Before I start asking questions in a different thread, about putting a radio station stream on the Internet, I'd like to ask how the music played directly from vinyl records, CDs and Cassettes is covered by music licensing companies such as ASCAP and BMI?


If, let's say, my station plays an entire album or a group of albums by the same group, directly from a vinyl record, how is that music covered to prevent any legal action?


I am sure a music license is required to stream even vinyl recorded music over the Internet. Our vinyl record collection is mostly released by major record labels. Like RCA, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, Etc. ect.


I realize that a lot of Internet radio stations that are streamed on line, play the music from a computer hard drive using software that keeps track of the song titles that were played, how is this done when you're using physical media and run your station like a terrestrial broadcast album rock radio station?


Just for clarity, we have a vinyl record collection of over 2000 33 1/3 LP records and wish to play directly off those vinyl records on turntables, without first recording them to a computer and playing them using computer based automation software.



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radiowayne belieives that is does not matter if you are streaming from cds, vinyl, plastic, or tissue paper. You are using copyrighted material and be subjected to the same rules and royalties. Since you are in the US radiowayne believes that first you should review the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). This is the law that Congress passed in 1998 which gives the rules for internet radio. There are restrictions on how many songs by an artist or from an album that you can play in a 3 hour period. Don't plan on playing whole sides of albums at one time.


But,then again, he could be wron.


Wayne G aka radiowayne

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