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Setting up "Intro Marker".

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I have a feeling I already know the answer to my own question!


I posted elsewhere on this Forum asking for people's opinions on the best playout system for a new radio station, RadioDJ and S.A.M. Broadcaster being the most recommended. I am spending sometime this week experimenting with them.


As a newbie to this, I have been greatly impressed by the versatility of both pieces of software, including the ability to put an "Intro Marker" on each .mp3 so a presenter can see when the vocals start. I currently use the excellent, but limited, ZaraRadio.


My question is, as I have probably over 300 .mp3's that I would need to carry this setting out on, is there a quick way of doing so? It is probably slightly easier/quicker to do with S.A.M. than it is RadioDJ, but it's not going to make much noticeable difference.


Oh, and I think the answer is, "No they have to all be done individually, something to do over a couple of weeks or so..."?!


Please tell me I'm wrong!!!?


Many thanks.

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