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I know it's been a long time, since I've been here. I've been busy. I've made a slow transition from being a volunteer internet radio broadcaster, to getting into the mobile dj business. This August will make 2 years I've been in the mobile dj. It's something new, but at the sametime fun, and I enjoy it. Also, this week will make 6 years I've been into the internet radio broadcasting biz as well. I enjoy all aspects of music, and I'm gonna keep working at being successful at what I do. I learn to get better, each time I'm out doing a gig. But outside the music, and djing thing, I did get married back in November, so yeah I've been busy. Again, I'm sorry I haven't been on here keeping in touch with everyone, but to those who has been here as much as I have, and that knows me, I'm still kickin' and doing doing great. To the new people we got in here, welcome to broadcasting world. I'm sure you'll find this website, and forum helpful, as it was to me. And my advice to anyone that's starting out, don't expect to be big overnight. It takes dedication, and hard work, to get to where everyone else is at. But if this is something you want, and you are strong willed, then I have no doubt in my mind, that you will make it in the music, radio, and dj industry. You gotta start small, and work your way up. That's what I did 6 years ago. I never knew a lot about radio. I've learned from people who was already in this line of work, and I've picked up on having my own personality. Hard work does pay off, if you're willing to learn, and listen to those who has experience. Everyone have a great day, and peace out!! Edited by jamesleemccoy1988
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