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Hello from Mumbai,


I have been following this forum for a while now and today decided to join today. I have to say, some of the posts are really informative and insightful. I hope to seek your guidance as far as my career is concerned.


I am an engineer by education. I have been working with a webcasting solution provider since last 3 years. I took this job out of curiosity as there aren't many live streaming companies in India/Mumbai. My job involves on-site execution and I have executed around 400 shows/events over last 3 years. Now due to circumstances and lack of vision from the management, I am thinking of moving on. But this is where it gets tricky. I am somehow not able to anticipate the next move. I am not sure about joining any other of competitor because of my company is quite ahead of the rest. I am not exactly able to explore other options when it comes to broadcasting/streaming because it is an emerging field in India and as of now, not many people are aware of it. Can you suggest me alternatives?


Having done CCNA and CCNP (only routing), I am familiar with networking basics. I have worked with Wowza, Akamai, Windows Server 2008, Wirecast etc though I am not much into 'coding'. Lots of you guys here are experts and I hope you can give me your two cents. Be it about any professional/post graduation course or any technology because there is serious lack of resources in India as far as this broadcasting/live streaming is concerned.


Awaiting your response. Thanks

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My job involves on-site execution
This means you kill people ?


I have been working with a webcasting solution provider since last 3 years
Then you should be familiar with SHOUTcast, ICEcast & Windows Media.


Here is a good guide to Internet Broadcasting by a BCW member, David Childers:


SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

Broadcasting World's Stream Host of the Month

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