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I've retired now, but from 1965 to 1979, I worked at medium market radio stations in Southern Ontario, and for one year, TV and radio, in Nfld. Mostly chicken rock, and adult contemporary, mid-afternoons, and drive. After leaving radio, and establishing a personal service business, I found radio didn't leave me, and would like to set up a serious rock music station, 24-7-365.

I can hear the laughing now, but I feel with modern technology, this is quite doable. I've got a LOT to learn, and that's why I'm here - to learn. Thanks in advance for any serious advice you may offer.

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Welcome to BW, you don't say if your plans are for internet only or a low power terrestrial station as well.

Thanks for asking, SmoothJazz. I believe I could only afford internet programming for now. I envision no commercials with just music, and very little talk. The financial viability would come later, after ratings.

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Hi Shrig,


First of all, check out my project and check if the sound etc match with what You are searching for

if so ... (I don't mean the style of music / format)


- select from Your music libary more or less 3000 untill 5000 songs

- select them into seperated directories

- add them to a drive at your pc ... a pc with an XP SP2 is more than welcome

However newer platforms accept several types of softwares, sometimes it don't gives the results as it should be

(well thats my experience)

- select or request or produce some IDs and / or jingles


Thats what I call the basics to startup


After You did what is written above of this ...

- install some software trials and check if they are doing the job

- choose the type of software you desire

- Notice that the pc who is used to stream Your content contains "only" the software and music to stream

- make some try-outs by streaming to an IP at a free platform (e.g. myradiostream.com)


Notice that I'm not perfect, and that I'm not an IT guy ... but I learned that "newer" software ain't always better

Sometimes with older versions You can get better results ... and its easier to learn the software


Lately I installed at a Win7 platform Proppfrexx ... it does it all ... however I've got incredible conflicts at my pc

Same with the new Sam broadcaster 2014 ... sound wasn't right ... 3rd party sound processing plugins were rejected etc etc

For those reasons I wrote ... new software ain't always the best / better solutions ... except they cost a lot of money

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