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Bahamas Cruise giveaways! No quizzes, no surveys, just tune in to Now Hits 101

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Love listening to great music? Love winning prizes? Then you’re already missing out! But it’s not too late to take a shot at Now Hits 101 Cruise Contest. Tune in to Now Hits 101 internet radio station. Here you will get to listen to the latest Pop, R&B and Dance music, and participate in daily contests. They run special segments multiple times throughout the day, giving away fantastic prizes!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be glued to their website radio all day to win. In fact, their radio widget detaches from the website, allowing you to carry on with other work while the music continues motivating you in the background. Just like your very own music player!

The current prize giveaway is a beautiful 2-Night luxury cruise to the Bahamas Islands. This is the perfect weekend retreat, away from the hustles of the week. Enjoy the sun and the fun times the cruise has installed for you.

You will have multiple chances throughout the day, everyday to win this amazing dream getaway prize. All you have to do is listen to the brilliant non-stop music, until you hear the contest announcements. It’s that simple!

Tune in regularly as there will always be new Now Hits 101 Contest giveaways.

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