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Thank you Broadcasting World.. A success story

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Two weeks ago I started my syndication efforts, and as of yesterday, "Story Untold" has its first affiliate, KYAC 94.9 in Oregon. This relationship was started through the forums here.


If you'd possibly be interested in picking up an LPFM friendly oldies show, there is information on my site including many sound bytes: http://pjdoowop.wix.com/storyuntold#!get-story-untold-free/c22g5


Thank you Broadcasting World!

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Yes, I go by P.J. Noce. I don't add any echo. That's the station's own signal chain doing it. They are going for the old "big sound" and its quite nice once your ears are used to it. I send shows flat with no compression ir reverb unless the receiving station has no processing.


Thanks for the thumbs up



Thanks for sharing PJ ! :thumbup:


By the way ... I just checked the online demo

I suggest to use your voice without echo

Your voice gonna sound way better ... I'm sure of that


Is Your name as host PJ ?

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