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ZARA with ID3

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I'll be making a video on this later.


So: heres how you do it:




2-9 of http://utils.magic-radio.net/


Heres the help file translated:





V2.9 for Windows NT4 / 2000/2003/2008 / XP / Vista / 7/8 (no longer runs on 95/98 / Me from adding management ZaraRadio).



================================================== ======================

2.9 (29/09/2012)

Compatible with SHOUTcast DNAS 2.0:

This already was but it updatait the StreamID = 1 by default, it is now possible to indicate

the StreamID (sid field) and thus the stream for which you want the title updater



Fixed a bug that appeared since the versio 2.8.2: When in the field Advert is used or F # or # R # or Z,

the current and previous track stored in-title and title-current.txt previous.txt were crushed to each new advert.

and it was not entered in title-next.txt!


The URL is now called with the advert. as parameter.

If, for exmple you specified the following URL:


The propgramme automatically call this URL 2nd each new advert. :




It is now possible to specify a login / password and / or a port 80 in the URL field

Example: http: // username: password@mywebsite.com: 8080 / page.php title =?

The authentication is managed Base64 type.


Fixed bug for Zara when title has more than one ~ in the filename


The next track is stored in the title-next.txt file


Management Zara 1.6


2.8 Beta

used to manage the current title you display and monitor with ZaraRadio.

If the title is a title to ignore (ie included in the tags)

UpdateTitle2 will automatically pick the next song in the playlist of up ZaraRadio

it finds a way "consistent".

Has been tested on XP SP2 with ZaraRadio 1.4.4


2.7 Beta

allows to properly manage the following title display with Raduga.

If the title is a title to ignore (ie included in the tags)

UpdateTitle2 will automatically pick the next song in the playlist of up to Raduga

it finds a way "consistent" with a maximum search of n + 10 in the playlist.


Warning !!! The value of the 2nd small field for Raduga has changed:

Raduga to 3.8, the value of two fields is 10/0 theory and Raduga 3.6 and 3.1.1

11/1 value. Use the test button to confirm.



Adding the following title display for Raduga.

Ability to insert a text before the advert. (Eg "To be continued" if the advert is used for the following title display.)

Adding an Auto Start button for titration and the advert.


Added a "Browse" button to the advert.

Specifies a text file for the display advert.

Can be used to display the following title for example.


Buttons "Browse" enabled.


Ability to specify a text file to the current title.



Calling a URL to SHIFT the current title display

on a website.



Saving parameters of "Advert." in the registry



Activating the "Advert." Displays a message

regular interval



DRS2006 Radio Studio Management



Public Official Version



================================================== ======================

UpdateTitle allows updater titles you run from

a player Winamp, Raduga, ZaraRadio, DRS2006 or text file on a server

shoutcast or icecast.

This update is performed through Meta data contained in the stream

distributed by the server.


It also allows to manage the display of the current and previous title

on chatting via text files that are created automatically

each new title played in the player.


The software also allows to take into account the buffer stream

and the buffer of a possible cross fader used in the player.

This allows updater correctly securities on the server

dissemination and chatting on the (title display when the listener

meant the beginning of the broadcast).


General Use

================================================== ======================

just fill in the settings of the server shoutcast or icecast

in updater, then choose the type of player used or text file.

Then simply press the Start button to begin the automatic management

update titles. The automatic management will continue to operate continuously

to stop the software or if you press Stop.

If Winamp or Raduga is closed and re-opened while updateTitle was in automatic mode,

it will automatically find the player to return to the Title Display.

A manual update of the securities may be made with the "Title" field and the

"Update" button.


Fields / Buttons Details

================================================== ======================

Server IP Enter the IP adress of the server shoutcast or icecast target.


Server Port Enter the port of the server shoutcast or icecast target.


Stream buffer Enter the duration in milliseconds of the buffer server

broadcast. For shoutcast server> 1.7, the default

is 15000ms for an Icecast server 2.2.0, the default value is

of 6000ms. This value will be used for display

titles on the cat to take into account the offset

broadcast music.


Server admin / dj password Enter the password to admin / dj target server.

If there is a shoutcast server, it may be the word

admin password, or DJ password. For a server

icecast, this must be the admin password for the server.


Server Type Select the target server type, shoutcast or icecast.

Only Version 2.0 Icecast servers> = 2.2.0 are managed.


sid for SHOUTcast DNAS 2.0, to specify the ID of the stream for which

Title updater is desired.


Mount Point Enter the mount point icecast stream you want updater

the Title Display. Is not used for a type of server



Titles Enter the directory path of the directory where files will be stored 3

permettants to manage the display of the current title, previous and next on chatting.

Files: current.txt-title, title-and title-previous.txt next.txt

See the Appendix for an example of mIRC script using these three files.


URL Specifies a URL that will be called to update the current metter title

on a website. The current title will be concatenated to this URL.


If the url is "http://mywebsite.com/page.php?title=" the URL that will be called

"Http://mywebsite.com/page.php?title=artise - title"

SHIFT will at the same time as the title-current.txt file, thus allowing

to have a synchronized view of the same manner as the "cat".


Enable URL Enables URL function.


Update parameters this button to update the settings in the software server

and the path of the directory files. You must press this button

when you have made a change in the settings. When you launch

the software and the paramêtres are correct, it is not necessary to press

on the button.


Player-type Enter here the type of player you use, Raduga / ZaraRadio, Winamp, DRS2006 or text file.

The software will automatically find the player in question. For Winamp, it is possible to indicate a class

window (see Winamp windows class field) if you have a particular instance of Winamp

which is launched.

For Raduga / ZaraRadio, you can adjust the position of the current window title and in the following two small fields next

choosing "Raduga / Zara". For Raduga 3.8 / ZaraRadio 1.4.4, the value is in theory 10/0 to 11/0 ZaraRadio 1.6,

and Raduga 3.6 and 3.1.1 11/1 value, but if the app does not correctly located the current and next song, change this value

métant in 9, 10, 11 or 12 for example, until the app has indeed found the current title in Raduga / ZaraRadio.

Use the test button to adjust the two positions.

If you specify a text file, it must exist. The software will read the first line of text content

in the file, it is necessary that the line contains the title in plain text as "Artist - Title" for example.


Test Used to test the value of the field positions for Raduga to find the current title window

and the next title.


Player buffer (crossfader) Enter here the time in millisecond buffer for a possible cross fader used in the player.

For example, if you use the crossfader SqrSoft and that it is set with

a buffer of 15 seconds, enter 15000 in the field. This parameter is used to manage the fact that the changes +

title shall be made in advance by the crossfader, and thus prevents the title appears

ahead of the player of the listener or the chatting.


Winamp window class Specifies the name of the Winamp window class which we want to recover the title played.

The default is "Winamp v1.x" but if you start an instance of a class with Winamp

specific, undiquez in this field the name of the class used.


Text file path Specifies the full path of the file containing the current title. This file must be of type

Text and must contain the current title as plain text and the first row.

Example: "Artist - Title"


Default Lets you specify in the "Winamp window class" the value of the default class name



Title Allows you to enter a title or a comment which will then update manually with the button "Update"


Update Allows you to update indicated the title or comment in the "Title" field.

This button is only accessible if the software is not in Automatic mode, ie with the knob

Stop "grayed out".


Advert. (Beta Version) Specifies a text to be displayed instead of the title, at regular intervals during a given time,

the current title being re-displayed later.

If a text file is specified, it is possible to insert text before the advert. using the following syntax:

F # To follow: #D: \ Studio \ Titles \ next.txt

To view the next title with Raduga, indicate R #

To display the following title with ZaraRadio, indicate Z #

It is also possible to insert a text to the advert. using the following syntax:

R # To follow: #

Z # To follow: #


Browse Allows you to specify a text file to display the advert.

Can be used to display the following title for example.

The advert field. begins necessarily with F # to indicate that it is a file, not a simple text.

Start Starts the "Advert."

Stop Stops the "Advert."

Timer Indicates the display interval of "Advert."

Delay Specifies how long the "Advert." must remain displayed


Start Starts the automatic management update shares on the server shoutcast or icecast,

and for chat.


Stop Stops automatic management.


Timer Allows inidiquer the interval used to detect the change of the title played in the player.

1000 ms works well in general. Do not get too low, you may eat

some CPU, it is not possible in any way to indicate a value lower than 1000 ms

Winamp, or DRS Raduga 2006 and 5000 ms for a text file in order to avoid too much disk access.


Auto start title Automatically start the titration when starting software.

A delay of 15 seconds is performed at first to wait until the player (raduga, Winamp or DRS) is initiated (can be useful to boot)


Auto start advert. Automatically start the advert. when starting software.

A delay of 15 seconds is performed at first to wait until the player (raduga, Winamp or DRS) is initiated (can be useful to boot)


Empty Titles gold ... To specify tags to ignore certain securities. Separate tags with;

For example, if you specify - as tag, the starting securities - will be ignored.


Ignore Titles ... Used to indicate that we should not consider the titles that do not contain "-".


Quit Exits the application.


================================================== ===============

If you find that the display of tracks in the player and / or the cat is not in sync with the current title,

try to "play" on paramêtres "Stream buffer" and "Player buffer (crossfader)."


All peramêtres software are stored in the Windows registry under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ UpdateTitleApp \ UpdateTitle2 \ Params

It is not advisable to try to change the registry by hand.



if you need updater titles on multiple servers simultaneously, you can copy the executable in UpdateTitle2.exe UpdateTitle2-stream2.exe

for example, and run the executable in parallel 2nd 1st. Specify the parameters on the 2nd server to manage and press Start.

The preferences will be saved separately. For example, to UpdateTitle2-stream2.exe, preferences will be in:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ UpdateTitleApp \ UpdateTitle2-stream2 \ Params

So you can manage as many server as you need by simply copying the executable and renaming it for each new server to manage.




================================================== ===============

Sample script to insert into mIRC remote to control the display of titles on a chatting:


on 1: TEXT: * Title: # mawebradio {

/ Describe $ chan ** - * - Now on mawebradio: $ read -nl1 C: \ Titles \ title-current.txt



on 1: TEXT: front * # mawebradio {

/ Describe $ chan ** - * - Previous track: $ read -nl1 C: \ Titles \ title-previous.txt



on 1: TEXT: after * # mawebradio {

/ Describe $ chan ** - * - Next track: $ read -nl1 C: \ Titles \ title-next.txt







I will go more in detail with my video, but it works. I got it up and running.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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