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128 Kbps 500 Listeners Port 80 Streaming - SHOUTcast - Icecast-kh

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Getstreamhosting is new and upcoming hosting provider. GetStreamHosting has experienced staff that has been in the web hosting and streaming services for last 10 years.



CentovaCast Panel allows you easily manage your stream.

Change stream settings like the source password and metadata of the stream.

Start and Stop your stream.

Control your CP Login access with the DJ management option.

Centova Cast snippets for your site include listen links and now playing and more.

FTP access to your AutoDJ storage folder.

Listeners’ stats to show how long and how many listeners connected, as well where your listeners are listening from.

Control the AutoDJ playlist rotation.



What IS Port 80 Streaming?

Port 80 Stream means you’re listening port will be on Port 80. Open to all firewalls that block unused ports Like Schools, Companies, Public Internet Location.

Compatibility with all players that support SHOUTcast and or Icecast Streams.



Control Panel: Centova Cast


Stream Type: Icecast-KH, SHOUTcast v1.9, SHOUTcast v2.4

Bitrate: 128 Kbps

Listeners: 500 Slots

Dedicated IP: YES

Listeners Port: 80

AutoDJ: Included

Disk Space Un-metered

Stream Location: St. Louis, MO USA

Monthly Price: $75 Month

location St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Dedicated 1 GBPS port servers

Raid 1 Hard Drive array

All Port 80 Streaming order can take up to 24 – 48 Hours for setup


USA Location: https://getstreamhosting.com/port-80-streaming/


View all packages at http://getstreamhosting.com



We accept PayPal.



Please read over our terms of service. http://getstreamhosting.com/tos/

GetStreamHosting LLC


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