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Should we merge SRW stations back into BW?  

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  1. 1. Should we merge SRW stations back into BW?

    • Yes, stations back on BW
    • No, stations separate on SRW

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Hi All,


As you know we are going through a restructure and a new look. Im sure you all know we have BW and SRW (Streaming Radio World) where our stations are kept.


Would you prefer it if the station were just kept on BW or kept separate on SRW? Vote now and let me know by replying to this thread.



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My brains say NO ...

but my experience tells Me YES, back to BW


Why ?

I learned since the launch of the radio directory that much lesser people are visiting a SRW station page and the "listen counter" don't show a lot of logins

Before that time at BW, pages have been visited "very" frequently


However James, keep the domain name streamingradioworld.com into Your domain account / list

The name has a high value !

I even should keep the content available at streamingradioworld, however the main directory don't connect anymore to SRW, but it can give "members to BW" a possebility to update their SRW stationpage "at SRW"


I hope this input is interesting to Your services

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