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First go at interent radio

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OK, not strictly internet radio as we are putting the first few up as podcasts while we get the steaming setup. We have put it up at https://sites.google.com/site/tuesdaymattersbristol/shows/4thaugust2015. Ended up having to do quite a lot of normalisation to sections and I ended up with a bit of peeking (although it I seem to of got away with it).


We ere using Sennheiser e835 as we have set up the station in a community venue which has them, I think I am finding out why they are not ideal for radio. The sound is great but keeping on top of the levels is VERY tricky. The problem is we don't have much money and getting 4 new mics is a bit beyond our budget Especially as the Dynamic ones are several hundred pounds each. Have been looking at the Behringer C-1 but as they are condenser mics not sure if this would be any better.


We do have a 4 channel Behringer (MDX2200) compressor/limiter which we have just ordered the insert cables for, I don't like compressors but how likely is this to work well?


Lastly we were using VLC for flaying music/jingles and while this kind of works I really want something where we can associate levels with individual files. The normalise function does not seem to work.


Any advice gratefully received,


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Mics dont sound bad. Were doing something similar with my community in SD, been busy helping them develop their live capability's for field stuff. Were full power FM, but playing at community level.


http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MDX2600 I recommend this. cheap for what it does.

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