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Station id start up message?

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Does anyone have a set jingle that's plays when listeners log on to your station identifying and welcoming people and is it a good idea to have one? Edited by Djd

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If you are using SHOUTcast you can set an INTRO file to play when listeners connect to your station. If you are using a Stream Host, they can set this up for you.


You must have the INTRO and the main station feed be the exact Bit Rate and Sample Rate or it won't work.


Is it a good idea ? Some people say yes and some no.

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I dont mind an intro file if its short and to the point, but what gets annoying is when stations use this as a 45 second promo with an advertisement in there and every time the stream buffers, you get to hear it again!

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You can also code up a lost art/ignored art of a launch script (mmmmmm. launch, my favorite meal of the day!)


Its actually really cool.


So what happens is the file you pass (XXXXXX.PLS) is not your direct stream access.


Its rather a playlist of stream file, called launch files, and when streaming to flash, coding them are brutal, but a GREAT PAYOUT.


With WINAMP/WMP coding them are easy.... and you can do some nifty things.


Have it do an intro file.... then immediately Toss a 192kbps file at their player.....


Their bandwidth cant handle???? It will drop them down to the next stream automatically!


CHAAA CHING...... Yeah, they come in handy..... Especially when submitting launchscripts to tune in, ect. This way you can change your servers, but they use the same launch script...


Food for thought.... Time for Launch!

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