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Advice for new desk

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We have just got some funding for the studio. Is from Bristol Green Capital and we can spend around £5000 on AV, probably around £1500-£2000 on studio. Thinking used kit is way to go. Looking for a good desk for radio with 6 people in studio, controller (who sometimes speaks on the show) and stereo inputs/outputs for computer etc. and preferably level meters for separate channels.


Is there anything people can recommend in the £400-£700 range (used).


So far the Presonus StudioLive sound like a good choice.



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Spoke to a local music shop and they said there were no small or even not horribly expensive desks with level meters on each channel. In retrospect this is probably overkill.


They did recommend the Yamaha MG16XU as we probably want at least 7 XLR channels.



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