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Desk DAW combination, does this sound sensable

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I realised I wanted to give voice and music different processing so I cam across the flowing idea, am I crazy or is this a good idea.


Use a desk with 4 group outputs I can send voice and music to separate stereo tracks in the DAW (Audition CS6) using a 4 channel sound interface. I can then put a Speech Leveller filter on the voice and leave the music unfiltered.


I think the Yamaha MG16 (http://www.thomann.de/gb/yamaha_mg16.htm) is the desk to get as it has 4 group outputs. This may sound upside down but I would probably use the main mix to send show output to the people in the studio. As the Desk is next to the computer running Audition I don't think using 1/4" jacks rather than XLR is going to be an issue. This does mean getting the MG16 rather than the MG12 as I need the extra groups but that's fine.

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