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USB audio codec - sudden issues

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We run an internet radio station broadcasting from a studio which mainly consists of DJs broadcasting live. We run all our equipment through a broadcast mixer via USB audio codec into a brand new mac mini and then use B.U.T.T. (broadcast using this tool) to push the stream to our server.


This has been flawless since our launch last november, however the past 3 days of broadcasting we've been having issues whereby all of a sudden - say 30 mins into a show - the audio stream sounds distorted and clipping. Or if not that, the audio get's stuck in a "cd skip" type loop.


To rectify it we have been simply unplugging and replugging the usb cable which seems to reset everything and it works for a while.


It's bizarre and it seems to have come out of nowhere. Wondering if anyone has any insight? We tried changing the usb cable, port etc to no avail.





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