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Cyber Monday Deals, Radio Streaming Reseller 50% off


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We offer top notch Stream Hosting at affordable monthly rates.

Come and try GSH today, if you’re having issues with your current host or just looking for service for the first time.


Our Radio Streaming reseller plans are great if you would like to sell radio streams from your site.

Also if you just need multiple streams and want more control over them.



We only use the latest version of Centova Cast 3

We offer Streaming server types (SHOUTCast v1.9, SHOUTCast v2.4, Icecast-KH)

We support AutoDJ type (SHOUTCast 1.9, Icecast-KH )Ices-cc, (SHOUTCast2.4) Sc_trans 2, LiquidSoap

AutodDJ Stream Type Ice-cc, Sc_trans2 is fully support by stream licensing


Ices-cc - media types supported ACC, MP3

Sc_trans 2 - media types supported ACC, MP3 (Requires an mp3 License)


LiquidSoap is not currently supported by stream licensing. Media types supported ACC and MP3 are supported without a MP3 License.


Our servers are Quad-Core Intel Xeon class cpus


2 TB of raid 1 Hard Drives

1 Gbit/s dedicated port


You will find Centova Cast Panel offers Great Features.


Fully Manageable Reseller Panel.

Create and terminate streams as needed.

Set and upgrade streams limits as needed.

Stop and Start all your streams at once.

Many more options.


Fully manage your stream from the Centova Cast Panel.

Centova Cast will provide you Quick Listen links and Display Widgets for your website.

Control your Autodj Library and Playlists.

Control who has access to your control panel with DJ Login Accounts.


We Offer Budget Plans, High Bandwidth plans, Centova Cast Reseller, Port 80 Streaming


Payments Accepted, Paypal.




Cyber Monday Deal, Get the first 3 months at 50%, then normal price thereafter.


Promo Code is auto applied at order.


Radio Streaming Reseller with Autodj option: Order Here

Radio Streaming Reseller without Autodj option: Order Here

GetStreamHosting LLC


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