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Single feed digital stations?

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Hi guys

Newbie here looking for some help from the experts (you guys!)

I am a shop owner with 3 premises, and i want to stream digital feeds to my stores using 3 different feeds with differnt playlists. So every premise would have different content. My question is, what is the best way to do this?


I have read I can use shoutcase and stream from my own computer, but I have a feeling my internet may not be strong enough to carry the feed and avoid buffering, so im looking for alternatives / hosting the music on servers and paying a monthly fee or whatnot.


Would appreciate any help, as I said im very new to this so im sorry if ive picked up any wrong information!


Many thanks

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Maybe You can achieve this by using "AutoDJ"

Several of the BW providers members do offer packages


By using AutoDJ You can select / make playlists ... its an easy way to do, and You are sure that Your stream is up and running


Its logical ... if You need 3 different streams You have to pay / hire 3 IP Ports


Maybe its better to shedule different playlists during the day streaming at one IP Port


Please check some of the BW stream providers ... They can help You with more details, prices etc ...

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I would personally start off with maybe one stream until you get the Idea of how it all works. As a beginner I can tell you Taking on 3 Streams will be a headache. Establish one good solid stream with a varied Genre on music that suits your stores and then add on from there.


Or Create a playlist for each store. I assume you will be replaying this through a computer in to your store ?

You could just connect to your stores pc via VPN to update playlists. You could use software like MAirlist that is a music scheduler. No need for Streaming Servers



Good Luck

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