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Need urgent advice / help for Broadband Requirements to host listeners!

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Hi guys, in a few months I will be starting a commercial internet radio station which will play a variety of music as well as some other things here and there. I live in the UK and am thinking of purchasing the 128k Streaming package with max 25 listeners from Reliastream.com under their Euro IceCast London V2 (not sure what KH is??)


I don't really need anymore than 25 listeners to start with anyway and am not expecting more than this. I am broadcasting from my house on a Fibre connection and my broadband speeds are the following:


Down: 20Mbps

Up: 1.80Mbps to 2.40Mbps


How many listeners would I be able to expect with these kind of speeds. Like I said, I'm not expecting many, but for the ones that do listen I expect a reliable stream for them with no or very little buffering? I am also using a wired connection.



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Without using an external Stream Host, you can get 13 to 18 listeners on your home broadband before it would start buffering.


If you use a stream host, then you can get many more listeners. Your uplink speed is sufficient to handle a 128k stream to a host.

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