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Response to 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Up Broadcasting in 2016 Article

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James .. I tried to respond to your article:

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Up Broadcasting in 2016



but kept on getting PHP errors, so I'll post my comment here where it will probably get more exposure anyway.


Everyone should read James' article and give their comments.


Here are mine:


Nice article James, talk is cheap, but who is going to pay for the increases ? The broadcasters can't afford this. The cost of living (COL) increase in the United States was ZERO this new year, but royalties went up 4 to 15 times depending on how many listeners you have.


My friend's Smooth Jazz station went from $100 per month to $1,500 per month. And another Rock Station went from $40 per month to $160 per month. It depends on how many listeners your are getting.


It is causing a ton of stations to go off the air. LIVE365 is almost out of business.


You need to do more research on the matter and report what is happening, not why you think people should "bite the bullet" and keep on broadcasting.


It is much, much worse than you think and much more dire than your article implies !! $1,500 a month in royalties is absolute insane.

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Hey SCS,


You should be able to comment on the article now. Fixed up those errors.


The article was aimed to lift the spirits of broadcasters. It was inspired by a Facebook Group I am apart of, many people were giving up and moving on instead of fighting for the cause. The intention was to show broadcasters that they have passion (note the last point), that things you love are worth fighting for and that if we work together, we can fight towards a fairer system for all. I will be posting more articles about the royalty debacle in future, that's for sure!


I agree, the royalty increase is beyond a joke, there was absolutely no consideration for smaller broadcasters and even the larger companies who handle these broadcasters such as Live365 or even your own.


As I mentioned in the article, "Keep an eye out for the results of these talks, and any future campaigns to help save small broadcasters. It's best to be involved, get together and help each other."

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