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Hey all,


Since we have re-launched, I have a big task of creating articles, reviews and tutorials ahead of me. So I am seeking some more volunteers who are willing to submit some content for the site!


If you like following radio news, if you like exploring new programs and software, if you like playing with/reviewing products or if you have a library FULL of jingles/sound effects. We want you!


We need...

  • News Article writers
  • Review writers
  • Tutorial writers
  • Jingle/SFX Uploaders


If you are interested in Jingles, a great opportunity exists where you can price your jingles, so that other member can purchase them! You could make $$$! Anyone can upload jingles or sound effects, including you! Simply go here and upload your jingles one-by-one: http://www.broadcastingworld.com/jingles/add/


If you want to write articles, review products or submit tutorials, simply write back here, PM me or email me at admin@broadcastingworld.com.


Looking forward to seeing your name around the place!




Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
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