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General advide for automation please

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Hi, I have setup a live stream using a Rasbery Pi 3 and darkice (upstreaming to our ISPs server) and it works great. We now want to take it to the next level and as well as streaming live also have scheduled pre-recorded content. The Pi is a quad core 1.2Ghz and darkice is only using around 20% of a single core (i.e. 5% of total CPU) so was hopping I could run some type of web-based scheduling software on the Pi also. We don't need to run a streaming server ourselves, out ISP supplies this.


We are a volunteer run community organization and are keen to use open source software and take a DIY approach.


So what do people advise. What software should we look at and would the Pi3 be powerful enough to run it or should we run it on a more powerful box (i.e. standard PC).


As I have said above we will be ruining a mixture of pre-recorded scheduled content and live. The live will ether be from the studio or Outside Broadcast. The way we are hoping to do OB is take a Pi3 and a small mixing desk and insert what is streamed from this into the schedule (live).


Also we need to be able to add content and do scheduling remotely, hence the web based solution, although non web based solution with a secondary web interface would be OK.


Lastly is this the best place to ask these questions or are there other forums I should looks at.




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