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Chat pluggin for my website?

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Hey chaps.



Since I am enrolled here I might need to ask something. I might get lucky and some person here has experienced already. I am basically in a necessity for a talk application for my webpage and online journal. I truly need that it will be HTML5, works conventional on cell phones, ability to change the arrangement (hues, headers and such), it needs to save the discussion transcript/history and it needs the ability to export this transcript. I need the ability to exchange pictures and recordings as well.



I did a touch of investigation and found Rumbletalk which seems, by all accounts, to be okay. Anyone used it as of late? Some different options? I am willing to contribute $50/month max for this. I know there are in like manner free ones however to the degree I know they are not too awesome. I used mIRC a while back yet I can't manage my blueprint with it, and it looks horible !!!



What you think? I would esteem any help!

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