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Streaming from my RadioDJ

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I'm new to internet radio streaming, I have downloaded radioDJ automation software and I downloaded shoutcast, winamp and purchased a hosting account on myradiostream.com for my streaming but still I can't get my radiodJ connect to the server and streaming ! Please help .


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It you are a customer of myradiostream.com then you should put in a support ticket. The Stream Host is the best source of this kind of debugging.


Your image didn't show very much of anything.

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I agree with SCS ... add a support ticket !

It would be nice to upload a screenshot of Your config section of your stream at your RadioDJ


Myradiostream.com is a low cost service, but in general a stable service

A friend of Me is using it at 192kbps (paid service) and is very satisfied about it


Have You checked the config section at myradiostream.com ?

See http://myradiostream.com/user/

That section has 2 types of passwords ... A password to connect / to stream and an admin password ... Maybe You switched one of them ?


Good luck !

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When you're connecting to your server in RDJ, to start streaming, all you need to use is:


Server Address: s.XX.myradiostream.com (Your Server Address)

Password: xxxxx (the password, from the PASSWORD section, under PORT in the Control Panel)


the Admin password is diferent and is used to log into the server Admin section to set ststic users, kick users, etc.


Let us know if you've connected successfully.

-- JE


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