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Offcourse its a great promotional discount ... but

remember this small story ...

Almost more than a "decade" ago (2003) contacts of Me had a superb online project ... They were a former pirate FM station and launched many years later the station again, now online

The sky is the limit ... Isn't ?

So ... at Germany suddenly a company appeared who offered "an 1 Euro" stream ... with 1000 slots / 128kbps (Shoutcast)

The radio project received from the company great ticket support, feedback etc etc ... You name it, they did it !

Even better, the radio project had suddenly 1000 slots ... at their original provider they had only 50 slots for a rather high price

So the station went boooooooming ... more and more listeners, more and more visitors to the website, more and more emails and feedback from real people from all around the world

They even created real "fans" as in the "old days" when they're an FM pirate radio

Yes, they even relaunched their famous bumper stickers ...


It looked as a fairy tail

However after nearly one year their software showed "no data send" ... "connection error" etc etc

The "superb company" was broke !


They're offline ... also their website, and were more or less 1 week offline

In online radio language this means = start allover again

So they did, now with a company who offered slots at an average price ... They never reached anymore 50 slots ... Success was over and out

There site is http://wolfcast.net

Advice :

Contact some fellow BW stream providers ... check their best deal ...

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