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Your Favorite Mobile App?


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Well .. making a reply to an old topic ... why not :rolleyes:


Since a while I have a new smartphone, an android from Huawei

I'm very satisfied !

Due a promotion of my provider I can choose a favorite app who offers an unlimited data use ... this can be changed twice a year

So far I use Whatsapp very very often, I like to make voice messages to contacts ... Its a direct way to communicate

and offcourse TuneIn who offers the World of online radio


So far my update :yes:

Visit and listen @ BW !



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My favorite mobile app is shazam. It is amazing you can find any song with just a few beats. I have about 100 apps installed but most do not last more than a few months, either because I do not use them or I get bored of them. For now, only shazam and the communications app have lasted but because you need those to communicate not the apps per-se, they do not count.
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