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Any thoughts hints n tips

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Hi guys, well household radio is still broadcasting even tho its a steep learning curve I've only just started. I have two streams now household radio & household radio (chilled) and now broadcast two weekly shows ku de ta & soulgood. I'm doing the constant promoting on fb and twitter and addedicated the streams to directories. Any further advise on promoting the station would be most appreciated.


Oh No it;s HouseHold Radio for the groovier side of house music, DJ bookings via website please. Dare to Disco......


Follow us on twitter @HouseHoldRadio website www.householdradio.net

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Have you thought about having any guest DJs, or guest DJ mixes, or any other type of guests?

This can help alot, because if the guest happens to be well known you will pull in their audience as well as your own, and potentially some people from the guest's audience may cross over and become a fan of your radio as well.

radio: datafruits.fm

stream hosting/streaming platform: streampusher.com

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