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Hello from Bulgaria!


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Hi ! Guys! I am very happy to be here! Searching in the forum i discovered that many other have similar problems to solve like mine! In fact i actually broadcast an internet only radio since more than one year ! I really over passed many problems especially to find the proper host since we don't have enough resources "money" to spend.

Second the advertising of our station ! The only that i can say that currently we are happy with our hosts and we managed to have more than 100 unique listeners during the day long ! It is an expensive hobby after all to run your own Radio!

Web site: <a href="http://RadioLozenets.blogspot.com" target="_blank">http://RadioLozenets.blogspot.com</a><br>

Radio1:<a href="http://listen.shoutcast.com/Lozenets" target="_blank">http://listen.shoutcast.com/Lozenets</a><br>

Radio2:<a href=";" target="_blank">;</a><br>

Players:<a href="http://listen.shoutcast.com/Lozenets.m3u" target="_blank">http://listen.shoutcast.com/Lozenets.m3u</a><br>

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