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Hi All,


I work as a syndication manager for various different radio shows. Many of my company's clients also post their radio shows online, on services such as SoundCloud and iTunes, as well as syndicating them to a variety of national and online stations.


I was wondering - what is there to stop an online radio station simply downloading/streaming the show off of a service like SoundCloud and iTunes and broadcasting it without going through a syndication manager, such as myself?


Obviously, it would be morally questionable to broadcast a show without the producers permission, but is there anything physically/legally stopping them from doing that?





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You have the same problem as artists etc ...

These days downloading has become "a sport" to do

Check the internet and everyone can find something for almost anything

In other words nothing is safe, neither secured at the internet


If that doesn't workout, install Chrome ...

rightclick on a page, go to "inspect" (or anything similar in your language), choose tab "network" and find "any" sound / video file who is connected to a webpage


Some members can conclude now that I'm sharing the "holy grail", but that ain't so

At the time Chrome was launched they gave / shared the most important tools of Chrome to promote their software

They even promote tools at their Chrome store !


There is only one solution, its not 100 % safe, but it can be helpfull

At the mainpage where a set is promoted play / share a sample of the show (edit several samples of an one hour set)

Redirect members to an aria to login ... at that spot they can choose and download the complete set(s)

Add to this, tools to check how many times a set has been downloaded at an user profile

e.g. a user can share their logins to friends to give them free access, disable that possibility


However several hosts who make syndicated radioshows even give any user / visitor the possibility to download the set for free

Some share this at their own website or at their blog


By the way, if you are a syndication manager, you have to tell your clients that they only and exclusive can offer (free or paid) at your service

so far my 2 cents of input

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I register all my stuff stuff with connect music licensing and I put a code in my mp3 files I enter an ISRC that is embedded into all audio files.


This won't protect against someone that puts them on to play but if a true radio station that follows licensing it will pick up the ISRC and we get paid royalties.


Hope this helps.

Kat's Metal Litter Box Canadian Rock & Metal Radio


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I host a nationally syndicated radio show and manage everything myself. I am on 20 stations, so I have the same worry and have to protect my stations as I have some that air it a week later than others. What I do to maintain control is I send the show via various FTP servers and don't allow it to get out to the public until the first station has aired it for the week. I also do not archive the show, which upsets some people, but you can't archive shows until at least the last station has aired a fresh show.
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