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NSCaster in religious activities


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Achieve connecting and broadcasting all kinds of Church events and provide unbelievable live experience by all-in-one live studio NSCaster.

Remote connections

NSCaster allows church members connecting any events by remote attendance. For those who unable to attend the events, they have the choice to watch online at home or connect their video and audio calls by computer/mobile devices into the site and also get a CD copy/video files after events. In this way, it provides an alternative way with community members to raise the retention.

Set up a live studio in the church in a most convenient way

With only NSCaster device and camera inputs, recording and broadcasting can be realized to present all congregations locally or worldwide. With the help of our mobile app. VJLiveEncoder, mobile devices can also be used as camera inputs to satisfy your multiple view request and further reduce your recording cost.

More valuable effects NSCaster brings to you

*No need to deal with complex contract with streaming suppliers, do it by yourself in an easy and practical way

*Gain more flexibility in terms of camera settings, event durations, activities procedures as everything under control by the host

*Largely increse the awareness and involvement of potential audience


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