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Best way to increase listeners

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Phat Beats Radio playing Rap Hiphop RnB Soul Funk Reggae Chillhop Acid Jazz Blues from the 1970s to early 2000s over 96k traxx playlist streaming at 96kbps AAC+ from Houston TX http://www.phatbeatsradio.com
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Although I promote my station as much as I can through social media, I found that the best way is to have a some sort of guest appear on the station. This will effectively bring the guests' audience to you, and some of them will decide they like your other programming and stick around.

radio: datafruits.fm

stream hosting/streaming platform: streampusher.com

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We were a games orientated station at the beginning, but we added an android app, to our array of listening options like media player , real player, and a windows gadget too. but our biggest listener base is via games, we have created plugins to add to game servers, across 6 games, which allows gamers to tune in, request songs , shoutouts and also give the DJ/presenters a djftw, all live and in real time. We also have a chat room but that's to have direct chars with the presenter.


But out we found live presenters always draw more listeners than an auto DJ, so I would say fill your schedule, but give your station as many options to be heard as you can.join forums and share share share your station name everywhere.

There is always time for coffee and tunes.
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Hi! I'm in The US but am affiliated with three UK licensed and legal internet radio stations. We increase listener stats by doing the obvious; great music, great presenters, joining as many social media sites and groups as possible, CD giveaways, and listening to/interacting with our listeners via social media and email. Stream reliability is very important; we just changed to a different server company and the difference in strength and reliability is like night and day! Without our listeners we wouldn't be doing what we're doing 24/7/365. Our motto for both our Presenters/DJ's and our listeners is "Have Fun!" Sure, we have to abide by The DMCA just like everyone else, but we have fun in the process! I'm new here and hope this reply is helpful.
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In no particular order:


- Good content (music/shows).

- Professional presentation.

- Submit to all available directories (TuneIn, Shoutcast.com, etc... there are loads).

- Good quality, reliable streaming.

- Engage with listeners (on air, social media, etc...)


And the most important thing... Hard work and dedication! You can't just launch a station and expect listeners to flock to it. There are thousands of stations out there, all competing for listeners. What are YOU going to do that is different and attract listeners?


As a personal opinion, I think that at the moment there are so many stations out there that you are better off with a niche genre and really concentrate on it. The more generic stations playing 'a bit of everything' have to work harder for listeners while if you cater for a specific genre and do it well, you're more likely to attract a loyal listenership. Again, this is just my personal opinion, but the above points are valid for all stations.

autopo.st - Post your Radio Stations 'Now Playing' songs to Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn with images, tag the artist playing and even include 'Buy this Song' links... Power boost your Radio Stations Social Media! We also offer 'Now Playing' and 'Recently Played' website Widgets, Silence Detection for your radio stream and Audio Fingerprinting/Track Detection for your Radio Station. Mobile Phone Apps, Alexa Radio Skills and Cloud Audio Logging. Find out more at https://www.autopo.st
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there are so many stations out there that you are better off with a niche genre and really concentrate on it.


It does appear that many successful Internet radio stations target a specific audience. For example, there are niche stations devoted to:


- indie bands

- old-time radio

- Bluegrass music

- K-pop

- Irish pub music

- Broadway show tunes

- Christian music

- conservative political talk

- music from the Renaissance

- and many more...





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we have to abide by The DMCA just like everyone else


Hi, thanks for your comment,


I am brand new into radio brodcasting, can you please tell me how exactly I can abide to DMCA?


DMCA and royalties needs to pay both? or are the same thing


I am in Mexico City. I am not a comapny, and I dont know anything about royalties or anything.

I want to broadcast copyright songs and I dont know where I have to pay that royalties or to abide with DMCA


I will not focus my radio channel to Mexico, I want to do it world wide



Thanks in advance

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Is it useful to post on this site to increase awareness of a new internet radio stream?

If so then here goes: BAD RADIO 1 - Plays music you did not choose yourself! --deleted--

Also being described as "The worst station on planet earth" --deleted--

[TABLE=width: 99%, align: left]


[TD]I am brand new to this lovely forum and rather shamelessly wanted to jump straight in and promote my stream, apologies for the blunt approach but hey! Why not? Thanks.[/TD]








*** ADMIN :

This thread is meant to members who are in search for platforms, websites, online services to increase their listeners.

If You like to spread the word about Your project, please "Introduce Yourself" at this link :


This thread is not meant to promote Your own project.

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