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Hello from Germany


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Hey Guys,


I also want to introduce myself.


My Name is Benni and I'm 27 years old.


I worked for Radio Stations in Germany since I was 18 years old. Two years ago I decided to change my Job and now I'm a Broadcast Technician. As a second Job I do Radio-Imaging together with a good friend of mine from Miami (US). We decided to built our own Radio-Imaging Production Company. And now (two years later) we have Clients from Europe and the US.


We wanted to be different than all the other Companies. We want to sell a fair Radio Imaging with fair Prices. Every Single Element is handmade and every single Compression is set up by ourself.



But what does "Fair Radio Imaging" means?


Thats very easy: Often the VOs don't get a fair Payment. We want the VOs to be paid fair because they also have to live like every other People. Then: We don't sell the same Promo to other Stations. Every single Promo is handmade and also exclusive to the Station.


Radio is our Passion.

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