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New broadcasting software: Rocket Broadcaster

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Hi guys,


I've been working on a new desktop broadcasting application called Rocket Broadcaster, and I've got a free beta available if anyone's interested in trying it out.


I created Rocket Broadcaster as an alternative to Mixxx, SAM Broadcaster, and BUTT because I wanted to something more streamlined. One of the handiest features Rocket has is it can capture audio from all other apps on your PC - That means it can broadcast audio from iTunes, Spotify, Skype, etc. It can also captures audio from your mic. Right now, it supports the Icecast protocol only, along with MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Opus, and Ogg FLAC (lossless).


For the power users, it also supports multiple streams/encoders at once, SSL for Icecast, and the ability to choose which network adapter your streams run over. (This is handy if you have a backup internet connection - For example, you can have two streams running over two separate internet connections, so that if one internet connection goes down, the other keeps streaming seamlessly.)


Lastly, the software supports sending metadata and can automatically capture metadata from window titles, so you can capture metadata from whatever's playing your tracks (like Spotify or Winamp).


If anyone's interested in trying it out, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! You can leave me feedback here in this thread or email me directly.

Download the beta for Windows here

(expires in Nov - free version to come after that)







Thanks guys!



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