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NSCaster and 3D Virtual Sets


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With the heat of virtual reality, the virtual technology has been push to the front row again. Now, the virtual technology has reached into many fields including video industry. In the field of video production, 3D virtual studio has been applied widely. The technology of real 3D is the most popular one.

The real 3D virtual studio is a real-time broadcast standard virtual broadcasting system which is especially designed for the TV station and video production facilities. It has built-in multi-channel chroma-key card to accomplish multi-camera virtual studio system with independent parameter control. The technique of mechanical grating rotation encoder tracking can self-adapt and initialize position instantaneously and identify the depth of scene automatically without caring about the position of physical cameras, the position of hosts and the measuring and calculation. It has powerful 3D virtual rendering engine to support online editing of the sub-model of the dynamic scene.


NSCaster supports four 3D virtual scene input channel, each virtual scene channel can choose 3D virtual scene and virtual shots. Each 3D virtual scene can setup multiple virtual shots by editor. The track of 3D virtual shots can be pushed and edited. Each virtual shot has four pre-set track point which can be switched between each other with a modifiable time slot. The scene can support up to four inputs and each input can relate to another one individually while the input can be set on TV wall or the surface of any virtual object with a adjustable size. Meanwhile, the device offers many sets of built-in virtual 3D scene for you to choose. With its outstanding 3D virtual technique, NSCaster will make your video more lively and dreamy and make the producing more convenience and of lots of fun. Led by NSCaster, Naga provides you a perfect live experience with our strong research and development strength and thoughtful service.


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