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Sports Live Telecast


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[h=1]Sports fans are able to watch any scales of sports competitions, awards ceremonies, press conferences which you provide online.[/h]13116062_10155256332538973_2266839734678339025_o.jpg

[h=3]Multiview, multiple camera inputs and FPV usage[/h]With NSCaster system, broadcasting manipulators can monitor multiple angles in a sports live show from different camera inputs in multiview screens to avoid losing excellent frames. Slow-motion replays which are captured and disposed by our device will be highlighted to make the live streaming more dynamic. With the connection of FPV camera, NSCaster will receive more various overlook scene in order to enrich the effect of broadcasting.


[h=3]Small device, affordable cost with high standard of sports live telecast requirements[/h]Portable NSCaster device provide you perfect live telecast experience for many sports events. You do not need expensive traditional live broadcast trucks but can reach professional HD production, and more personal and club level sports activities is attracted by NSCaster system.


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