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The Role of Virtual Studio


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The virtual studio has been taken full advantages of by program producers .As the traditional program-making requires one studio for each program , the contradiction between increasing number of programs and limited number of studios is becoming more and more serious . The building ,demolishing ,moving and storing of props and backgrounds , which are wasting the time, money and space and causing the fireproofing difficulty , not only increase the budget but also reduce the efficiency of program-making .Just as these problems are haunting the television producers , the virtual reality technique found its way into radio and television production in the 1980s and derive the concept of virtual studio and then comes the actual useful virtual studio technique .The history of virtual studio is very short , its performance is far behind people ‘s expectations while its price far beyond most TV stations ‘ budget .Why are there more than 100 stations all over the world still eager to buy it ?The answer is its tempting advantages : economic characteristics of low budget , technical characteristics of keeping the correct perspective relation of foreground and background and the artistic characteristics of free creation based on imagination .

The last characteristics is the most important one , as its unique artistic features gives the scene designer and producer enough freedom to be creative with their imagination ,which generates the virtual scenes that is impossible for physical and financial reasons of traditional studio . For the temptation of virtual studio in the aspect of program-making , it has already shown its strong vitality .

After virtual studio has been used for television , programs are more intriguing and satisfying thanks to the rich and colorful images .

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