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Questions about services to run an internet radio station

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Hi all,


To introduce myself, I'm 17 years old and was born blind, so use VoiceOver on my Mac. I've been into radio for a while and so has a friend of mine, who is also blind, and we recently set up a station using Radionomy. It was perfect for what we needed as it gave us a 24/7 stream, the automation was easy enough to set and get to grips with, and with a bit of fiddling and playing around, it was accessible enough to use. The best thing for us was it was free and we didn't have to worry about paying royalties as Radionomy cover them. We did have to play ads out on our stream but that didn't really matter too much, a lot of radio stations do this anyway.

Now, I'm not sure if this was a change in VoiceOver when I updated from OS X El Capitan to Sierra, or a change in the Radionomy website, or a bit of both, but the Radionomy online manager has now become inaccessible for us to use. The interface requires a lot of drag and drop, which the Mac has keyboard commands for and they worked on the Radionomy site before. Now though when I try using the drag and drop commands to create schedules for the automation, nothing happens and no schedule is created. This then means our station is playing what I'm assuming is a backup stream Radionomy have when no automation is set, but it's nothing like our style of music, we can't connect and broadcast live if there's no automation set, and if there's no automation set for a certain amount of time, I think it's 30 days, the station gets removed as they assume you're not using it anymore. I have let Radionomy know about this on their forum, but I don't think they fully understand what VoiceOver is or how it works, which to be fair is understandable.


Does anyone know of a similar service that would let us set up a station, ideally for free, or for quite a low cost? The biggest worry for me is the royalties. From what I've looked into these costs are extremely expensive, and I don't have that sort of money.

I know accessibility is one of those things most people won't know that much about, so don't worry about looking into how accessible it is. If you could just give me some suggestions of what I could try that'd be great.


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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